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Doreen Catena, the ultra talented graphic designer from New Jersey is the mastermind behind the ultra-fab sustainable home-goods company, Dor Designs. With 30 years experience in graphic design and an impressive background in advertising, Doreen decided to create a business collecting and transforming recycled pieces into breathtaking home-goods. Although the business has only been running for a little under 3 years, it has been making a name for itself in the wonderful world of sustainability.
Every piece created by Dor Designs is made from reclaimed billboards. Doreen takes ordinary billboards and turns them into unique pieces of art; adding the perfect splash of personality to any room of the house. Although Doreen’s creativity stems from her strong background in graphic design, her concern for the preservation of the earth is the driving force behind her business. This eco-friendly gal has definitely proved herself as an adequate graphic designer and overall innovative genius.

Dor Designs creates custom pieces for her clients producing the most illustrious personalized designs using recyclables provided to her. If you supply your personal billboard, Dor Designs will use the materials from that billboard and create an original, unique piece of furniture made specifically for you. Although her adorable coasters and placemats sell out quite frequently, her distinctive furniture seems to be a fan fav! Doreen uses all recycled materials reclaimed from garage sales, yard sales, and the actual garbage. I think it’s safe to say; one man’s trash is definitely another mans treasure! Ready to be blown away? Visit Dor Designs here. Want more? Discover some of Doreen’s best sellers and let us know what you think!
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