Banner Pillows
Something New, Something Not Vinyl

Fabric pillows made from recycled outdoor banners.  Large photographic banners were purchased at auction after being used at an outdoor event.  Banners have been washed, cut and sewn into one-of-a-kind pillows that will rock any room.

All pillows are one-of-a-kind unless noted. Please see contact page for additional information, price, shipping information and swatches.

Purchase Information
PayPal excepted. e-mail for instructions.
[email protected]

Custom Work Available
from my banners or yours.
17" x 17"                                                sold
18" x 13"             feather insert             $50
23" x 16"           feather insert               $70
24" x 16"                                              sold
36" x 13"                                                                                                                             $85
49" x 19"                                                                                                                            $300